Automatic Gate Repair Mill Valley
Automatic Gate Repair Mill Valley
Automatic Gate Repair Mill Valley
Bay Area Lions Gate
Bay Area Lions Gate
We build automatic gates and fences for your home & business!
Who we are?

We are a automatic gate and fence contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area, We repair and install products that will keep your home safe & secure.

Who we are
What we do?
Automatic Gate Repair Mill Valley
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Automatic Gate Repair Mill Valley
Automatic Gate Repair Mill Valley
Automatic Gates
Automatic Gate Repair Mill Valley
Automatic Gate Repair Mill Valley

Bay Area Lions Gate is the most competitive automatic gate repair and installation company in Mill Valley. Here, we work with dedication and honesty, and our customers are our number 1 priority. This is why we are available 24 hours on call for any gate repair services you need; whether you want replacements or new automatic gates, the parts, the electric systems, or anything else. Our contractors are here for you. Here’s a list of services we provide:

  • Repair and install automatic gates
  • Repair, replace, and install gate motors, sensors, or any other components.
  • Maintenance of automatic gates and its parts.
  • Advanced security systems for your facility; CCTV, entry system-intercoms
  • Sliders, swings and barrier gate openers
  • Iron wrought fences
  • Supplying and installing any heavy-duty appliances needed for the automatic gate openers

Automatic Gate in Mill Valley

Manual gates are a thing of the past; not only are they just ancient, but using them is also time consuming and inconvenient. Installing an automatic gate in your residence or any facility saves you time and effort, but also keeps your facility safe from any harm or threat. Now, you do not need to manually close or open the gates every time you need to because we have the ultimate solution for this inconvenience. Bay Area Lions Gate offers installation of automatic gates along with their repair and maintenance.

Custom Made Automatic Gates

We understand our clients’ every need and offer custom made gates. Tell us the design, the material you want us to use, the dimensions of the automatic gate, the features, and the color. We will install it! Some of the options are, but not limited to: 

  • Walk through gates
  • Iron gates
  • Overhead gates

We are not just limited to residential gates; we can also install and repair: 

  • commerical gates
  • Fences; we specialize in iron welding and can fix any iron fence you want- railings, pipe corrals, etc

If you already have a gate, allow us to modify it by repairing or installing some new features that will keep your facility extra safe. We service and install:

  • Safety gate sensors
  • Exit loop
  • Gate motors

Apart from advanced technical stuff, we also repair and replace:

  • Broken hinges
  • Broken posts
  • Gate tracks
  • Gate wheels

Driveway Gate Openers and Repair

We can install both sliding and swinging driveway gate openers that will not only keep you and your loved ones safe but also add value to your property. These electric gate openers come with attached motors, which usually require some maintenance and fixing every once in a while. If the problem is not the motor, then it can be any component attached and working along with it. But don’t worry, our experts are here to resolve any issue with the motors and the automatic gate. Just give us a call, and our contractors will inspect everything and immediately solve the problem at any given time of day.

Entry System-Intercoms

A vital part of the electric gate installation is the installation and maintenance of the intercom system. We offer the installation and maintenance of any intercom system you want. Ranging from speakerphone keypad, telephone, or screen intercom, we supply it all!

If there is a specific brand that you prefer when it comes to materials, you name it. For gate openers, we use brands like Ramset, Eagle and All-o-Matic, Doorking, FAAC, GTO Pro, and Elite. The best gate repair company in Mill Valley is at your service 24 hours; we have years of experience in this domain, and our staff is highly skilled and trained for the job. 

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